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Jailbreaking team Pangu recently released its iOS 9.3.3 jailbreaking tool for people who’ve been searching for jailbreak tweaks. They can now go to the Cydia store and find the ones they want.

5 Jailbreaking Tools That Are Offered In The Cydia Store


Are you dark secrets hidden away on your iPhone – dirty pictures of an ex or important data? If so, then you want to ensure no one can get access to them. With the 3D AppLock, you can lock everything on the iOS device. It has a price tag of $1.99, after installation, you can Force touch the app to lock it. When the Lock App option appears on the 3D Touch menu, touch it to add your passcode and TouchID.

CameraTweak 4

This is an old tweak with a cost of $1.49, but don’t think you’ll regret spending money on this tweak. It offers a full pro mode to the iOS camera, with an array of options like Lapse Times, Manual ISO, White Balance Lock and a host of others. If you’ve purchased the tweak for a jailbroken iOS previously, you’ll be able to attain a free update.


This is a useful tool for PayPal users, allowing users to use the PayPal app on the device, even though it’s not jailbroken.


Use your device’s volume keys to increase or decrease the brightness of the screen. With this free tweak installed, you can also have the Mute switch.


For a price of $0.99, you can lock or wake your iPhone without ever having to touch it. iPhones come with a built-in proximity sensor, and when waving your hand over it, it will cause the Wave2Wake tweak to unlock your phone. Best of all, it won’t drain the life of your battery.