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According to Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot, the NX console from Nintendo will be a far better device than the Wii U turned out to be. And this comes from a statement that he made in a meeting with investors where he was certain that the upcoming NX will put Nintendo back in the console race.

Unfortunately for Nintendo, the Wii U console sold very little units since its launch in 2012 – about 13 million copies. This is a very obvious step down from how much the Wii sold up until this point – about 100 million units.

However, the Nintendo NX is believed to be able to turn this bad performance around and make Nintendo products be a relevant console choice for gamers once again. The upcoming NX is believed to offer a different experience then what we’ve seen today and to be easier to use.

The Ubisoft CEO also took the opportunity to praise the device in a presentation which was attended by Gamesoft and he also stated that his company is working on new titles for the console along with the Just Dance 2017 game.

The upcoming NX console is rumored to be scheduled for release at the beginning of October 2016, but there are some early rumors that place the launch date in March 2017.

It’s also believed to be a handheld hybrid and to be able to use cartridges which marks a very radical change from the previous generation of console. This is impressive even when it’s compared to the upgraded versions of other popular consoles like the PS4 or Xbox which are simply smaller consoles that offer a better graphical experience.

There are also some rumors about the price for the upcoming Nintendo NX and it may cost about $450 when it comes out, according to a price listing found on Tesco’s online store. However, this listing was taken down recently.

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