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It has been a frequent problem of Android users to be denied the latest Android update to particular high-end mobile devices. In fact, it takes months for other certain manufacturers to get the latest software that Google pushes out soon. In terms of new updates, there has been no commitment yet from Motorola particularly on its latest phones.

Rumors in the Upcoming Android Release

There are many devices to receive the latest Android updates, according to a reliable source. In fact, it will include the Moto Z and the G4 that should be beginning in Q4. This is indeed great news for many Motorola users who own modular accessories and phone. However, it has not included older Motorola devices to benefit from this Android software.

According to sources, the company has a reputation that has been tainted in terms of software updates. This might be because of the idea that it has been improving its monthly security patches. This is even nothing in comparison to abandoned E-series phones as well as broken promises on their flagship updates.

Expected Release Date

The expected release is beginning in fourth quarter of 2016. However, it doesn’t indicate that it will be at the beginning of October. The good news is that it will come very soon. In fact, it has been expected to come to several Motorola mobile phones. Such products include the Moto Z Droid, Z Force Droid, Z Play Droid, and the Moto Z. Moreover, it will include in the lineup Moto G4, G4 Play, and the G4 Plus.

It can’t be underestimated that Motorola was one of the first devices to get the Android 6 Marshmallow. It could also do the same for the Android 7 Nougat with this development. Perhaps it will soon be released but it should be on a supplementary basis particularly on some older devices.