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The iPhone 7 was released less than a month ago and tech analysts are continuing to make predictions and assumptions about the upcoming iPhone 8.

Naturally, the device will probably be launched sometime next year but that will also mark Apple’s ten year anniversary which definitely calls for the release of a new technology device. Everybody is expecting Apple to redefine what smartphones should be with the upcoming iPhone 8.

The small but radical changes that we’ve seen in the iPhone 7 lay the ground for a unique next generation device.

KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo believes that Apple can now switch to curved glass on the front and back of the iPhone and that the high demand for the black iPhone 7 models suggests that users are interested in glossy or shiny devices.

Another thing that Apple could do with the upcoming iPhone would be to use a curved OLED display under the 2.5D glass which would give the device an unblemished appearance.

Also according to Kuo, the fact that Apple removed the 3.5 mm audio jack will help it reduce the number of ports that will be made into the iPhone 8’s chassis. It’s also quite possible that the giant will gear towards implementing a virtual home button that will be included in the screen rather than have it like it is now, occupying the space at the base of the device. This means that the upcoming iPhone 8 could basically look like a screen and it that it will be more in line with Apple’s minimalism policy than ever before.

It is anticipated that the sales record for the new iPhone 7 will be strong but that they will not break a record. The upcoming iPhone 8, on the other hand, is expected to break all the sales records on the mobile market.