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iOS 10 was released a few weeks ago and since then, two updates have already been released. This second full release is also compatible with iPhone 5 and succeeding versions as well as other iPad devices. Having said that, hackers, such as independent Italian hacker and researcher, Lucas Todesco, TaiG and Pangu might as well be working on an iOS 10.0.2 jailbreak.

The release of the latest update by Apple has nothing to do with the rumored iOS 10 jailbreak tool by Todesco or for any apparent jailbreak tool from others. In fact, iOS 10.0.2 was released to address some glitches in iOS 10. First, there was the problem of malfunctioning Lightning Earpods in which users experience intermittent issues on the audio. Second, photos that suddenly quit when iPhone Cloud Library is used. Last, the issue on app extensions.

With these developments, talks are circulating that Pangu needs to catch up, given the iOS 10 jaibreak made publicly known by the Chinese hacking group. Meanwhile, the image released by Lucas Todesco proving that he already has an iOS 10 jailbreak tool via his Twitter account raised eyebrows and stirred the Apple users’ community for a moment. Some critics say that this was not a real jailbreak and that the image showing an installed Cydia 1.1.26.

Apple Remains Busy

Now that Apple has already advanced in terms of updates, with its second full update release just a few weeks after it launched iOS 10, it is noticeable that the company still has the ball in its hands and the team can always come with update after update if they want to. This is despite the fact that tweaks in the iOS infrastructure system might only be slight.

The question still remains, will Pangu still come up with an iOS 10.0.2 jaibreak status update?

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