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Recent reports about the next game in the Grand Theft Auto series are suggesting that Rockstar is still working on GTA 6 however, the team is still dedicated to Grand Theft Auto 5 instead. New reports claim that while GTA 6 is still in development, Rockstar is focused on creating new DLC for GTA 5 instead.

These new reports go against the previous information which claimed that Rockstar has canceled the next game in the series. While the information now is very different, both reports state that gamers will not see a new addition to the Grand Theft Auto series for several years.

GTA 6 Release Date Headed In London

Other rumors surrounding the next game in the series suggest that GTA 6 will be released some time between 2018-2020 which would co-inside with the next console generation. This projected release date would also match both current rumors about the upcoming game, even if Rockstar is developing the game right now it will take them quite some time to complete it.

It’s also thought that Rockstar is working on two major projects right now; the latest fiscal report from publisher 2K revealed that the company was working on two new projects which were sure to have a high sales rate. Rockstar has worked on very few series in recent years which suggests one of these games is GTA 6 however some also suggest that the games could be Red Dead Redemption 2 or Agent.


Until Rockstar officially announces Grand Theft Auto 6, it’s impossible to know exactly what is happening but the game is certainly surrounded by very mixed reports and rumors right now.