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The Nexus tablet lineup from Google is one of the most popular mid-range ones in the US and the upcoming Google Nexus 7 is rumored to be the last model made under this brand name. Supposedly, Google will kill the Nexus name and replace it with Pixel.

Some analysts are even going so far as to name the upcoming Nexus 7 tablet as ‘Pixel 7’. The same alleged rebranding policy is also rumored to apply to two upcoming Nexus devices that were initially believed to be the ones that would have showcased the new OS from Google, Android 7.0 Nougat, but it didn’t happen. The OS simply rolled out to Nexus devices at the end of August.

The Nexus 7 (or Pixel 7) is presumed to come with a very interesting feature. The device is rumored to ditch the Android OS in favor of the Andromeda OS which is considered to be a combination between Android and ChromeOS.

The Andromeda OS is presumed to by an innovative and sophisticated operating system from Google that the giant will use on all of its devices in the future. Some tech analysts believe that the introduction of this OS right now is premature and that it probably won’t be showcased on the Pixel 7.

The upcoming Pixel 7 is also rumored to be scheduled for release on the 4th of October, along with the aforementioned other two Nexus devices that are rumored to be named Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL.

It is also believed that Google might take the opportunity to launch Google Home and the Daydream VR platform along with these devices. There is no official statement about the devices’ release dates from Google so far, but the 4th of October is only three days away so we’ll find out soon enough if the rumors are true.