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The latest news on the Google Maps front is that it now integrates upcoming events from your Google Calendar, making it easier for you to remember your appointments and also where they are happening.

In order to access this new feature, you’ll have to go to the navigation menu in the Maps app and select Your Places. There you will see an Upcoming Events tab that will list all of the events you’ve added so far in your Google Calendar. Of course, a basic condition of seeing them is to add the location of the appointment or event in your Google Calendar entry.

Once you’ve found the event that you want or have to attend, you can find its location on the Maps, view details about it or simply delete it if you do not think it’s important anymore. The events will be marked more prominently on Google Maps, thus making it simpler for you to spot them.

This feature will come with an update which you will eventually get or you can simply download the updated app and install it. The thing is that it may take a while until Google rolls out the update on your device and if you really want to try this new function or you see it as a helpful one you should definitely opt for downloading and installing the updated app from the Play Store.

The update comes with other improved features and one of those is the dedicated album for food photos taken in a specific location to give you a better idea of what the food is like in a certain restaurant. Unfortunately, although this tab does exist, the food pictures are mixed with the other location specific images for now but that is something that can be fixed with the next Google Maps update.