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You can bet that HTC can get a smooth update to Android 7.0 Nougat just as how it did in the Marshmallow update. To recall, the Developer Edition HTC One M9 and variants of HTC One A9 actually received the said update in December 2015. So, when the HTC 10 came in April 2016, it already had Android 6 out of the box.

Provided HTC can do it again this year, the first update for the Android 7 should be rolling out to existing units even lesser than a couple of months after the official release of Nougat. Thus, the next flagship phone of HTC should already arrive with the latest Android Nougat at the launching.

However, it can be confusing for HTC users if they had an older device. They often mind how they can get the update as well. For this reason, it should be important to have basic knowledge about what to do in order to determine if your HTC device can indeed receive the desired Android update. It is more like asking if your HTC can handle the latest version of Android.

Therefore, before you can install the latest Android version to your HTC device, you must first check which Android and HTC Sense versions you already have on your mobile device. So, here is what you’re going to do.

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap the About Device option at the bottom by scrolling down
  • Then, you need to tap the Software Information to check your phone’s status

You can also enable automatic download and install on your HTC device. So even if you’re not always checking your HTC phone if it can get the Android Nougat update, you can do it automatically.

  • Go to Settings and Tap About
  • Tap the Software Updates option
  • Select update through Wi-Fi only so that you can save on precious data usage
  • Select whether you want the auto-download system updates, the app updates or both

Take note that app updates can be installed automatically. But you can still confirm if you want to install auto updates to your HTC phone via Settings.