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Due to the popularity of the WhatsApp app messaging platform, many people wonder if it’s possible to get the app installed on their tablet. At this time, the app is only geared toward smartphones. Does this mean you can’t get it for your tablet?

Well, there are several ways you can actually get past those limits and download WhatsApp for your iOS or Android tablet.

How To Download and Install WhatsApp On Your Android Tablet

You’ll need to download and install the APK file for the WhatsApp app. If you search for it via Google Play Store using the Wi-Fi, you won’t find it. Look for WhatsApp APK in a search engine and find a trustworthy download site. For you to install the APK file that you just downloaded, you need to go to Settings, Security, Device Administration and click on “Unknown Sources” After you’ve installed the APK file, disable it.

You’ll need to get past the phone verification step. Just type in your phone number, hit ok and wait for your smartphone to get the SMS verification. When you type the code in, you’re likely to get a notification that it can’t be detected. About five minutes, you’ll be provided with an option to do a voice verification. Hit “Call Me,” answer it on your home. Wait to get the verification and type the code on your tablet. Once you’ve done that, your WhatsApp app is ready to be used on the tablet.

How To Download and Install WhatsApp On Your iPad

If you have an iOS tablet with at least version 8.0 OS, then head to the iTunes store. Find the WhatsApp iPad Chat Version, download the file and install it. Open the WhatsApp app on the smartphone by going to Settings and WhatsApp Web. You’ll need the scan the QR code to connect the WhatsApp app to the iPad. The Chat Messenger is a part of the WhatsApp Web, which lets you use the iPad to chat, send videos, photos and so much more.

Best of all, WhatsApp is going to get better, as the Video Calling feature is still being considered for implementation.

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