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YouTube started out as a desktop application more than ten years ago. Now, we see the application almost everywhere: on phones, on tablets and yes, even on our screens. It’s hard not to love YouTube. It’s where you go to find fun and given how many organizations and groups have taken advantage of it: it’s also a place where you can learn and even stream events live. YouTube even features a couple of movies now.

Sure, you may have to pay for some streaming services as well as to watch some of the films, but there’s no question that YouTube has opened doors for many kinds of video content. This is the go-to platform for crazy cat videos and hilarious clips of dogs. A lot of television networks upload short clips of news and their other shows as well.

A better viewing experience

Now those who have TVs with YouTube on them can have an enhanced viewing experience. YouTube is giving viewers the opportunity to choose videos organized into various categories. These categories are presented in many content tabs located at the top of the interface. With this update, finding music, sports or news has been made so much easier.

Now, the category bar isn’t exactly new. As frequent YouTube users will attest, you can find this on the left-hand side of the interface. However, the company believes that moving it on top will help users find content much faster. While the top portion does feature around 14 major categories, hovering over them reveals more subcategories.

How the categories work

A “top stories” area is what users will find when choosing a specific category. This area will feature trending as well as popular videos. As usual, these are determined by an algorithm. But “top stories” just doesn’t mean new, the section also features older videos that have been deemed “relevant” to the topic that is trending.

There’s no question regarding the popularity of YouTube as an entertainment tool. It has many uses ranging from funny to educations, and you can even stream games as well.