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A lot of people have been thinking about how WhatsApp mobile application can stand up against Google Allo. For this reason, here are a few notable points that everyone should be aware of, practically those who have not heard of this yet.

First off, it is important to know what Google Allo has in store.

  • Google Assistant

The artificial intelligence feature behind Google assistant is what WhatsApp has been missing here. This is quite fun to use as it provides options as well as straightforward answers.

  • Cool Stickers

It provides an array of stickers that should offer a realistic impact for the users. Moreover, it not available in the WhatsApp mobile app because it only provides smileys.

  • Chat Options

Aside from the cool stickers, Google Allo also has chat options for everyone. These include Start Group Chat and Start Incognito Chat. This means that it will provide users a reason to love it more than any messaging app out there.

  • User Interface

According to those who have tried it already, the user interface is amazing, particularly its vibrant icons and color fonts that should be fun to use.


On the other hand, the WhatsApp mobile app has been doing well even with its minimal set of features. In fact, WhatsApp is still the most popular chat application on the planet. This might be all about how quickly Google can take users to appreciate its recent app Allo.

There are similarities between WhatsApp and Google Allo, which include the following:

  • Sticker Options

There are actually lots of similarities in Google Allo and WhatsApp. As a matter of fact, both can share videos, images, stickers, and voice messages. However, the fact the Allo has a lot more features that should be richer particularly the stickers as it comes with tons of sticker packs to select from.

  • Require Phone Numbers to Activate App

Both messengers require a mobile phone number to activate the app. At the same time, they both have Quick Reply options from the Notifications feature. However, Google Allo can’t type replies when done in the Notifications tab.

There are also some differences that can clearly distinguish one from the other, which include the following:

  • Google Search When Chatting

Perhaps a huge difference between Allo and WhatsApp is the ability to use Google Search in the middle of chatting. Moreover, Allo has another fascinating feature, which can run even without creating a Google account.

  • Google Assistant

One of the differences between the two leading apps today is the availability of Google Assistant. This will guide users through the features of the app.

According to Google’s group product manager, Google Assistant is the next phase of the journey made by Google, which has been able to provide assistance to people for many years now. Moreover, the company is beginning with a preview edition that will show people just one way how the Assistant can work for users whenever they are in chat.