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A number of months had passed and Tom Clancy’s The Division is still getting a mix of praise and criticisms. However, as content and technical problems continues, it was hinted that it be the end of the game. This is in spite of the effort by Ubisoft to prioritize the launching of the 1.4 massive update fixing and making necessary changes in the game.

Rumors about the 1.4 Update

The popularity and record-breaking sales of The Division can’t bail it out this time due to glitches and bugs plaguing the game in its 6 months of existence. Even its developers have admitted recently regarding the frustrations they had with the game. The game has reportedly been having repetitive mission routines, ill-conceived PvP mode, and unsatisfactory content in the endgame.

Postponement of the Anticipated Expansion Version

Thus, Ubisoft has finally announced the postponement of Survival, the second paid expansion of The Division. It was reported that the release would be delayed to give way for the massive 1.4 patch to be implemented in October 2016.

However, the release of Last Stand would also be delayed until early in 2017. This is the third premeditated DLC release of The Division. The update will aim to fix the game core that would bring significant changes into the game. This will include the gear sets and weapons balancing, inventory management, Dark Zone, loot drops, and PvP balancing as well as enemy scaling.

Bugs and Other Issues

It was admitted by the team of developers of The Division that there were occurrences of bugs, glitches, and other issues that totally affected the game experience. Therefore, the 1.4 update, which will be released in October will be launched independently and should not be part of the patch for the Survival. Thus, the developers believe that this new development schedule will be the solution in boosting the quality and core experience of the game before new updates and content additions are released.

Three-Hour Maintenance to Fix Bugs

The Division servers went on to hold a three-hour maintenance in order to fix a couple glitches within the game. These include the 4-piece bonus issue of the AlphaBridge and the daily missions bug. The said irregularities involved some Sawed-Off Shotguns and sidearm talents which were unable to gain from the bonus.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps the recent efforts done by Ubisoft should give Tom Clancy’s The Division a reason to regain its position at the top. Meanwhile, analysts have different views regarding this issue. Maybe, these critics have completely lost their confidence and trust to the developers, which they are likewise disappointment about the outcome of the game.

If Ubisoft will finally get these bugs and other issues fixed as soon as possible, perhaps this will end up positively. The game has a very promising gameplay if not for the nosey bugs and glitches that plagued the entire The Division setup. As upcoming updates are well on the way, these new updates will soon provide a better picture for everyone once the 1.4 patch will become a success.

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