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There has been plans that the videogame developer Electronic Arts will bring The Sims to the next level allowing the use of gaming consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One. In fact, there had been reports claiming the it will be released in Fall of 2016 to have The Sims 4 on gaming consoles.

Rumors about The Sims 4 on Game Console

It was rumored that EA and Maxis have been collaborating to figure out a way to get the game into a console-enabled application. Likewise, there had been rumors about The Sims 5 being introduced at the EA Play event. However, these are just speculations which has not been confirmed yet.

According to reports, there have been plans that The Sims 5 will only be realized if The Sims 4 will be able to produce enough for producing it. Thus, it might just be a great opportunity to have a console-enabled virtual gaming experience to boost its sales and therefore make their plans a reality after all.

No Plans of Going Console According to Sims Producer

It has been a couple years since The Sims 4 was released by EA in September. However, there has been news that its producer Lyndsay Pearson didn’t give any indications that they want to see this coming. In fact, Pearson reiterated in a Tweet that they have no such plans to have a console version of the game. Pearson also clarifies that they are not going to do that anytime in the near future, so rumors must be ignore.

This gives fans some very confusing update as they were informed about the game to come out in all platforms, then they were told that it will be delayed for consoles. Nevertheless, The Sims 4 has a few months left before 2016 will be finally be over and so will the hopes of its fans.