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Over six years had passed since the launch of the Red Dead Redemption. Yet there should already be a proper sequel to this groundbreaking western adventure. Although there are some undead appetizers in a form of Undead Nightmare, which is zombie-infested, a sequel to the original release should emerge from Rockstar Games.

Rumors about the Red Dead Redemption 2

The name of the videogame has already been determined to go with the Red Dead Redemption 2. Perhaps it will be fair to stick to that name for now until there are last-minute changes from the game manufacturer itself.

Release Date of RDR2

Despite the fact that no word has been officially released from Rockstar Games as to when it will launch the next installation, there has been a hint of hope for this to happen. In fact, some insiders in the industry had confirmed that Red Dead Redemption 2 is set for the Gamescom 2016 launch. This was taken from the statements of the recent financial reports.

Although Rockstar has been mum for quite some time now, it has led many to believe that the announcement should be on the way. However, there is still one opportunity to reveal this game before that year will end and this should be on the PlayStation Meeting. As Sony is going to unveil PS4 Neo, this might just be a great opportunity for Rockstar to showcase Red Dead 2 during this event wherein they are going to show off new console.

What Fans Would Like to See

  1. Increased depth of the protagonist
  2. Similarly attractive environment
  3. Creating a Prequel
  4. Improving its control system
  5. Missions with more variety
  6. Provide single-player posses

Perhaps this should be a great development as far as rumors, release dates and updates are concerned about the expected Red Dead Redemption 2.