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More complaints have been made against Pokemon Go developer Niantic however the most major recent issue has also been directed towards The Pokemon Company and publisher Nintendo.

New information has revealed that over 70 new complaints have been made to the Federal Trade Commission; most of these complaints are about what players were receiving for the amount of money they spend in the game. Most of the money complaints began when Niantic removed the tracking system from the game, other complaints are about the location of Pokemon Stops and Gyms.

These complains are nothing new, players and non-players alike have been complaining about these issues with the game and various law suits have been filled against Niantic as a result. The company is however, doing what it can to remove PokeStops and Gyms from private properties that make removal requests.

It’s not just Americans that have an issue with the game right now, Niantic is also being sued over the damages done to a beach in the Netherlands. The prosecutors for the case claim that the developer is making no effort to respond to the people in the area of Kijkduin who claim that Pokemon Go players are damaging the environment. This case will be in court on October 11th.

Niantic has removed various landmarks from the game in the past where players were looking for Pokemon in dangerous or disrespectful places such as Fukushima or Auschwitz. The company has previously stated that they were collecting feedback from local governments on PokeStops or Gyms that needed to be removed from the game.

While Niantic is dedicated to making the game safe for everyone, dealing with issues such as removing geographical locations takes a lot of time and energy which does mean that the process is very slow.