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It’s not a secret: Waze is an amazing app. Compared to normal GPS devices, Waze actually tells you where you can turn or what road to take in case you encounter traffic. Isn’t that a wonderful companion on road trips?

The beauty of Waze also lies in its community. You get notifications for almost everything: a car stopped on the road, the presence of police officers and yes, even objects laying around. This user-generated input helps so much when traveling, particularly in the interstates.

Waze now helps you with parking

Let’s be honest: finding a good parking spot can be a hassle, particularly in the downtown area of cities or just cities in general. It might not be so big a problem if you’re familiar with the area, but what if you’re a visitor or just haven’t been to that part of town yet? This is the dilemma that Waze attempts to solve with their latest version.

So how did Waze find a way?

They asked assistance from a data firm called INRIX which has been providing parking data solutions for Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Toyota and Volkswagen. The firm pulls data from various sources in order to help drivers find parking lots within close distance from their destination.

This “where to park” feature sure comes in handy for drivers. You can try the latest version on both Android and iOS devices.

Waze isn’t the only mobile GPS app you can use. Google has its very own Maps which is quite reliable as well. Some phones come with Maps installed and while you can rely on it, there’s nothing wrong with having a backup in Waze. Eventually, continued use of both apps enables you to have a preference. If you’re not yet decided on which to try, here’s a comparison to help you out.