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Following the recent Minecon event that took place last week, Mojang has just revealed the next big update they prepared for Minecraft. It is named the Exploration Update and it can be downloaded now. The good news is that it has a huge list of bug fixes which players have been awaiting for quite a while now.

The even better news is that it brings some new things to the game, such as Illagers that dwell in the woodland, described as insidious and spooky, not tolerating any trespassers, along with some well-mannered llamas.


After seven years, Minecraft is still an expanding world that grows continuously, as an update post on the Mojang blog says. As it seems, the team thought it was high time to add something new that would guide the players through the infinite overworlds.

This means that you can now find the Cartographer shop in the library. If you have any emeralds to spend, you can buy locales maps, for instance, the Ocean Monument and the Woodland Mansion. This mansion is a dungeon which is procedurally-generated, and here is where you’ll find the Illagers we previously mentioned.

They are being described as the outcast cousins of the villager. Also, you should probably be ready for a fight if you venture for the treasure in their own backyard.

The update also includes a Shulker Box, which is a chest that finds its origins in The End itself. It’s quality is that it expands your inventory and lets you store items even if it gets knocked down. The llamas will prove to be useful when you’ll want to transport your belongings.

minecraft-xbox-360 (1)

They live up in the mountains and you can equip them with storage chests that will lighten your load. Also, they can form caravans when you’re on the hunt.