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When you purchase an Android device, your device is pre-loaded with a couple of apps to help get you started and Google Play Store is one of those devices. As it’s name suggests, it’s a place where you can buy different items for your phone, be it music, movies, books and of course, apps. With the Play Store, all you need is an internet connection – be it WiFi or mobile data – to download any of its offerings.

You can live without the Play Store

The beauty of Android devices is that they can still function even without the Play Store. In other words, you can still download and install a variety of apps even if you don’t have Play Store on your device. Why is that?

Android devices use open source software. This means that anyone can create whatever program they please and put it on their device. This is the one advantage that Android users have over iOS users. There is a rigorous process one has to go through to get an app into Apple’s store. Given that there are certain dangers to anyone being able to do something with their device, it’s always recommended that you get what you need from the Play Store.

Updating the Play Store app

The latest version of the Play Store app is 7.0.16. While the easiest way to get the newest edition of the app is to wait for the over the air update, you can always test out the APK for yourself. An APK is essentially the equivalent of an EXE file. Meaning, you just download Google Play Store 7.0.16 from a reputable APK site and install it on your device.

Although you always change your Play Store’s version, keep in mind that the latest version is compatible with Android 4.0 and up. To download and install the latest Play Store app, follow these instructions.