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Recently, Google has released a quiet update for the Maps application on Android that included support for “Ok Google” commands, a feature that was required for quite a while now by the users. This is a big deal since it means that you don’t have to tap the mic icon on the screen before you speak, which is of great help if you are currently driving.

After you install the update on your device, you will be able to say “Ok Google” and then give the device a voice command if you want to start navigating to a new destination, change the driving settings or simply seek an alternate route.

google-maps-ios (1)

You will also enjoy the possibility to ask Google Maps questions that required you to look at the screen before the update. This is great since it allows you to just focus on your driving without being interrupted by the need to look at the screen.

Impressively, you can ask Maps almost any question, since their speech recognition feature is almost endless. Thankfully, Google also released a cheat sheet to help you know the commands you need to get started. You can find some of them below:

  • What’s my ETA?
  • What road is this?
  • What’s the weather like?
  • Show alternate routes/ Show route overview.
  • Find gas stations.
  • Navigate home/ to Starbucks/ to…
  • What’s the nearest hotel?
  • Find nearby restaurants.

Some users reported that even though they upgraded their app, the commands were not enabled by default. If this happens to you, you should go to the overflow menu, tap on Settings, then turn on the switch found next to the “OK Google detection” option.


Now you’re set to drive faster, easier and on the best routes without even looking at your phone’s screen.