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Another game has been released by Square Enix namely Final Fantasy XIV. It is the latest of the Final Fantasy series that can be played online on your computer. If you are using a PC, then you should have the following requirements as recommended by the developers to acquire a superb experience.

Operating System – You should have at least a Windows 7 64-bit operating system.

Processor – An Intel Core i5 2.66GHz is the recommended requirement, but you can at least have Intel Core 2 Duo 3GHz to run this system.

Memory – Basically it requires 4GB – 8GB of RAM to acquire optimal results, together with the 30GB of free hard disk space.

Graphics Card – You should have at least an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7950 with 1080p screen resolution to allow a smooth gameplay.

Your system should be either running DirectX 9.0 or 11 to allow you to install the said video game. However, if you are running using a Mac, you should have these requirements onboard.

Operating System – it should be at least a Mac OS X 10.11 to 10.11.3 because there are certain issues causing the program some boot problems when first launched.

Applicable Models – it should be at least an iMac with Retina 5K 21.5 to 27-inch manufactured late 2013-2015.

Screen Resolution – the game requires at least a 1600x900p to achieve superb framerate performance.

Graphics Card – The processor must be at least an Intel Irish Pro or NVIDIA GeForce GT or AMD Radeon R9.

Take note that if you are using a Mac, you should achieve the following requirements to run Final Fantasy. Otherwise, the performance should be significantly lower than that of the Windows environment. This is because Windows version runs on a DirectX environment, while the Mac version runs on an OpenGL environment. This gives limited capacity of the architecture that should affect the performance.

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