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Chrome is undoubtedly one of the best apps to have on your Android device. Not only does it have a range of features, it’s also fast and easy to use. It has become our trusted application when browsing the internet on our devices.

Another great thing about Chrome is that it’s always undergoing changes, be it on the interface side or for security purposes. Android users just need to be alerted of the new updates for them to update the browsers on their devices.

Lately, Google has announced a couple of new features for Chrome users on Android devices. One of the biggest updates is the ability to let users save data when they access content using the Chrome browser. We all know how precious mobile data is and we dare not waste it. But when commutes are long, browsing the internet for anything interesting seems like a good idea. But doing so wastes so much data that could be used for more useful browsing.

Well, thanks to the latest Chrome update on Android, users can now save their precious data when they use the browser to look for information or fun. And this applies to when they are offline as well.

How did Google provide this feature? They used their Data Saver technology for videos allowing users to save 67% of data when they view videos in MP4 format through Chrome. The technology will also automatically optimize websites using the HTTP protocol when a user is on a slow connection resulting in 90% data saved for users.

The latest Chrome on Android will also allow users to download items such as music, pictures, videos and whole web pages for viewing later. In future updates, Chrome will be able to suggest content based on the type of content a user likes to access.