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Android smartphones are getting a new WhatsApp BETA version. It is WhatsApp 2.16.224 BETA, which has a new screen that forwards users to a message and a screen called “Forward to.” This is divided into Frequent Chats, Recent Chats and Other Contacts.

WhatsApp’s APK Installation file for 2.16.224 had an increase of 49Kb with 428 files that relate to its functions have been modified. There were also two new files added to the file.

Of course, the BETA version does have the typical bugs fixes and stability enhancements. However, the long-anticipated, long-hoped for Video Calling feature is still unavailable. Reports do suggest the developers are working hard on getting it ready and that it’s going to be added shortly.

What Do You Need To Do To Install WhatsApp 2.16.224 BETA On An Android Device

Since 2.16.224 is in BETA, you must join the app’s testing program, which you do by visiting the Google Play Store and signing up to become an app tester. Once you’re a BETA tester, you can visit the official Android store to download the WhatsApp 2.16.224 file and install it.

Once again, this is just a BETA version, so you’re liable to experience problems. Make sure you report these problems, which will allow developers to fix them. When you report changes, it ensures the final app version is stable when it’s released.