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Viber, one of the most used messaging services worldwide (along with WhatsApp) has been especially giving around this time and has launched a very impressive offer for its Nepali users. On the 6th of September, all of the Viber users with a registered Nepali phone number were able to make as many international or national phone calls as they wanted for free on Viber.

The offer lasted from the 6th of September until the 19th of September and it was only available between 8pm and 10pm daily. Users were allowed to use the Viber Out feature that was designed to call any mobile or landlines in the world for free.

viber (2)

However, while any device could be used in this sense, they had to run iOS, Android and Windows. It even worked on PCs that ran on Windows or Macs.

Many wondered why Viber decided to offer this deal to Nepali nationals instead of other countries with more registered users and it appears that Viber chose this country as they see it as a key market in South Asia.

A good portion of the Nepalese people work or get their education in the outdoors and the Viber Out feature certainly gave them the opportunity to stay in touch with their loved ones and not have to worry about call charges.

This wasn’t the only time when Viber allowed free calls to be made in Nepal. This measure was taken a while ago as well when a devastating earthquake hit the country and it was absolutely necessary for people to get in touch as soon as possible with their loves ones.

Viber,Windows 10

In other related news, Viber also released Nepali language stickers that are becoming increasingly popular among the users and it has also stated that they will be focusing on bringing other Nepali specific features to the messaging system.