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Currently almost every Sims player is overly excited about the appearance of a new DLC for The Sims 4 called City Living. However, there are many speculations regarding the fact that the developer EA Games has almost completed the next installment, namely The Sims 5. But is it based on something or is it just wishful thinking?

Though the hype over The Sims 4 is still quite dominant, making The Sims 5 is definitely a good investment for EA Games. Some say that the upcoming game will bring a completely new feature that no other game in the franchise has had, namely virtual reality. This makes many people think that the game will become extremely popular due to this modern touch.


Usually, the developers release a new Sims game every 5 years. The Sims 4 has just been released in 2014, which renders some players’ hopes of getting the Sims 5 soon a little farfetched.

Even so, there is a glimpse of hope if you think about the fact that gaming industry is in fact a jungle and new games are being constantly released.

This competition might make the EA developers release The Sims 5 sooner than usual. The Sims 4 has been quite a controversial move, since many people ranted and complained about it. Gamers were impressed however with the impressive graphics and the new challenges, locations and objects that were added.

Perhaps the faults in The Sims 4 were made on purpose, since the company kept releasing lots of DLCs afterwards, probably to compensate for the gamers’ dissatisfaction.


However, fans are hoping the for the next game they won’t need to download so many additional files in order to enjoy the Sims experience to the fullest. Until then, prepare yourself for the City Living DLC that will be released soon!