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The end of August was an exciting time for PlayStation Vita owners, a real hack was finally released for the handheld console. It allows users to decrypt and run any official PS Vita game on their device by following a set of very specific instructions.

ps-vita (1)

Vitamin is the name of the hack tool available for all PS Vita devices running firmware 3.60 or lower; Sony has already released a patch to deal with the hack and as a result, upgrading the device past firmware 3.60 will render the device incapable of using the hack.

It was developer by TheFlow who has now stopped working on the project but has made the hack available on; hacks such as this one are illegal in most countries and Sony is legally required to release updates to patch any security breaches such as the one that this hack uses.

PS Vita

Detailed instructions for downloading and installing Vitamin are currently available on the official download page; many fake downloads exist for this hack, some of these contain malware which can damage devices.