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Microsoft announced in July that it was working hard to offer Pokémon Go in its Windows App Store. A number of petitions had been started asking Microsoft to bring the game to the Windows devices.

However, there’s been no official word on a release by either Niantic or Microsoft.

And, even though there is no news, a third-party developer team has been working hard on getting the game to its final mobile platform. It’s called Po-Go UWP, and it was released a few weeks ago. But, when Niantic boosted its security to end the access to its servers, the company said the third-party services were the cause behind the strains on its servers and the reason for the delay in Brazil.

Windows Phone users can once again access the game, as the Po-Go app developers released a new version that could circumvent the increased security measures. The app is still being created, with the team released a new version that includes new features and fixes to bugs, which brings it nearly in-line with the game’s official version.

The latest version includes the Egg inventory and incubation features as well as a profile page and achievements seen in the game’s other versions. For a bonus, players can use the different available translations and a device-spoofing feature. This option lets players make the Windows Phone act as if it were an iPhone, preventing bugs. The problem? There’s a possibility of being banned from Niantic.

No official word on when the Windows 10 Mobile devices will get the Pokémon Go app, but Windows Phone owners can use the Po-Go UWP in the meantime.