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With over one billion WhatsApp messenger users, this cross-platform mobile app has been making waves in mobile application technology. It can be downloaded on Android phones, iPhones, Java phones and Blackberry. However, support for Blackberry and Nokia operating S40 and S60 by the end of the year.

This, perhaps, gives light to the question about WhatsApp for Nokia 215. Unfortunately, WhatsApp is not applicable on Nokia 215. But this does not mean that this model from Nokia is a useless device. This is the best choice for people looking for basic features on a phone and at a lower price.

Nokia 215 Design and Features

Available in single and dual sim models, Nokia 215 is a simple yet robust 2G phone that is perfect for texting and making calls. It is lightweight and comes in different vibrant colors like blue and green. Moreover, it is built for the internet since it comes with the pre-installed Opera Mini browser. While it does not have wireless internet connectivity like the smartphones and iPhones, it has Bluetooth and FM connectivity. What makes Opera Mini and Nokia 215 a perfect combination is that the former shrinks web pages down to 90% which makes browsing faster and the users’ mobile date plans more stretchable.

Nokia 215 has an alarm clock, radio, 0.3 megapixel rear camera, 8MB RAM, microSD slot that allows for the expansion of the phone memory up to 32GB. Its battery is a detachable BL-5 battery pack (1100mAh) that lasts longer since the phone is void if games and apps just like the ones in newer phones.  It is also loaded with S30 Plus, which is lower than S40 and S60 nokia phones. For the display, its size is 2.40 inches. Given its size, it might not be convenient to use WhatsApp, in case, it was possible since images and audio files might be too big.

WhatsApp is a messenger app that allows users to get connected with friends and family worldwide. It allows the user to create a group chat and send as well as receive images, videos and text messages. It also has call features.