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A new PS4 Jailbreak has appeared online, the team behind this Jailbreak is called PS4Portal and they claim to have cracked the newest firmware update for the PlayStation 4.

According to their website, they began work as soon as the update went live and are now allowing users to download the Jailbreak for free.


Their website details the instructions for installing the Jailbreak and it also claims that this will work with the PS4 Pro which is due for release later this year; the PlayStation 4 Pro will use the same firmware as the PS4 which allows them to do this.

This Jailbreak requires users to install it to their PC first before transferring it to a USB to plug into the PlayStation 4; according to them, doing this will allow users to download any game for free and install homebrew apps.

sony-playstation (1)

Various comments from users suggest that this Jailbreak is real and does work but some users are not convinced by the legitimacy of this new Jailbreak.

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