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As it seems, Microsoft started to use a blocky virtual world in order to convince people to come to the mall. Some Microsoft Stores in the country have made available a demo station where you can test the Minecraft phenomenon in VR. Microsoft collaborated with Oculus VR, the producer of the Oculus Rift VR headset in order to combine the innovative gaming platform with the Windows 10 Edition last month.

This new version lets players put on their headset and have a look inside the polygonal universe. Many young people who have grown up with Minecraft ever since its debut in 2009 now have the chance for the first time to experience the world in first-person.

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However, this isn’t the first time Microsoft brings VR demo stations to Microsoft Stores. They have also done this before with the HTC and Valve headset and hosted them on their locations. Indeed, this proved to be a smart move, since many people wanted to test the VR world and especially a couple of games that were available.

Meanwhile, Minecraft is one of the biggest properties in the world, and if you combine this with a blooming technology, the result can only be profit. This combination might attract even more customers than it did until now. On the other hand, analysts predict that the VR medium might trigger profits of up to $40 billion until 2020.

Currently, the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition is available both on the Oculus Store and on the Windows Store. You will also find this version on iOS and Android smartphones and you will be able to download it for just $10.

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Moreover, if you already own the PC version of the original game, the company lets you download the Windows 10 version without you paying any extra penny.