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New rumors surrounding the future of the Grand Theft Auto series have just emerged and it’s not what fans were hoping for; according to this new information, GTA 6 has been cancelled so that Rockstar can focus on DLC for GTA 5.


While there has been no official news about this, the fact that Rockstar was missing from the PlayStation Meeting has been a cause of concern for gamers; the next game in the series was rumored to be revealed at the event for release on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Some sources are saying that GTA 6 has just been postponed for now as opposed to being completely cancelled; unless Rockstar releases a statement about this, it’s impossible to know exactly what’s happening.


Hopefully, the game has just been postponed and development will continue in a few years time; this would put the game in line for the original rumors that claimed GTA 6 would be released with the next console generation in 2020.