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It won’t be much longer now. Google has made final confirmation that it won’t support Adobe Flash Player after it releases Chrome version 53.

According to Chrome’s Flash curator Anthony Laforge, more than 90 percent of the web loads have Flash. Flash content includes functions like Page Analytics, but it’s leaving users susceptible to security threats.

HTML5 Is A Worthwhile Alterative To Flash Player

There are several well-known companies who’ve made the decision to use HTML5 instead for their web content. After all, HTML5 appears to be far more secure, uses less power and decreases the time it takes to load pages.

Google said it would be December 2016 when Chrome version 53 will use HTML5 as its default experience. The goal is to provide browser users a more secure and faster option to navigate the Internet. Google said Adobe Flash Player is riddled with bugs and security issues and the company’s goal is to keep its users’ personal information safe.

And, it’s not just Google making this change.

More Browsers Begin Ditching The Flash Player

Chrome is just one of several browsers that have decided it’s time to let Adobe Flash Player go. Mozilla Firefox also made a recent announcement that it would also block Flash content from showing up. Facebook’s Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos has asked Adobe to give a date on when the company would stop supporting Flash Player so that other software developers, using Flash, ready themselves for HTML5.