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Facebook is one of the most user-friendly social networks. But you can do more to improve your user experience. It’s all about discovering tweaks and tips that other people may not know about.

Get notifications when someone unfriends you

I bet you checked Facebook’s help center or FAQs when you wanted to unfriend someone, because you don’t want to completely alienate them, only to unfriend them on Facebook. But wouldn’t you want to know if any of your Facebook friends has taken you off their list too? Using Social Fixer, you will be notified if you’re no longer friends with a particular someone on the social network.

Keep your online status hidden from selected friends

If you don’t want some people on your Friends List to see if you are online, particularly on Facebook Chat, simply create a BlockList. While on Facebook Chat, create a list and add friends that you want to appear offline to. Once done, click Go Offline. Your online status will then be hidden from everyone in the BlockList.

Manage your notifications

Is your mobile device ringing nonstop because of a flood of Facebook notifications and alerts? Change your app’s settings, so you’ll only get notified for particular Facebook post or messages. On App settings, click on Notification settings, then check or uncheck alerts you want and don’t want to receive. Most people will enable alerts for friend requests, photo tags, wall posts and messages. Customize your notifications according to your preferences.

Show full size image without opening a new window

Normally, you would have to click on a picture you’re interested to look at, and wait for it to open to a new window. Once done, you then need to click out of it to return to Facebook. With a Social Fixer plugin in place, you can cut short the process to nothing more than a mouse hover. Simply move your cursor over an image to view it in full size version. Move your cursor away and it shrinks back to its original size. No more clicking whatsoever.

There are plenty other Facebook tricks and tips that you can use. More interested in tweaking Facebook messenger? Find out how.