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WhatsApp is extremely popular for users of both the iOS and Android system devices. Installing it can be easy to do, using either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. And, in April 2015, the app featured the voice call option.

How Can You Install The WhatsApp App For Your Android Device?

Turn your Wi-Fi or data connection on for the device. It’s better if you use Wi-Fi since data will incur charges when you download things. Open the app for Play Store and look for the WhatsApp app.

Once you’ve found it, you can hit the Install button and the app will download and install onto the Android device.

How Can You Install The WhatsApp App For Your iOS Device?

Go to Apple’s App Store to find the WhatsApp app and install it, just as you would for an Android device.

Now, WhatsApp can be found for other operating systems, but the app installation is similar to each other and the above processes.

How Do You Make Free Calls With The WhatsApp App?

  • Once you’ve installed WhatsApp, it’s going to need to activate your device so you ca make free calls through the Internet.
  • Ask a friend who’s using the App to call you through it.
  • Once connected, you can invite others to install it onto their devices, allowing you to make free calls through the Internet. You may get invitations from other friends who’ve installed it on their devices already.

You’ve now become a part of the WhatsApp society.

The app provides an array of premium features for its in-app purchases if you’d like to make non-Internet calls to landlines or cell phones. If you compare these charges to other providers, you’ll see the premium service is much cheaper in WhatsApp. The calls are clear if both parties have fast Internet connections.

Developers will continue to improve the app, and their next project is to include a better video calling service. The service needs a plethora of bandwidth, which is why developers are trying to find ways to improve the video calls so people get the best calling experience they can get.