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While there are many Nintendo DS emulators currently available for Android devices, there is one that clearly stands above the rest in terms of performance and quality.

DraStic DS Emulator has high performance and features a range of useful features that makes playing NDS games on Android devices much easier and provides a much nicer experience.


DraStic DS Emulator does cost money however; it costs $6 to purchase which also makes this the most expensive emulators currently available on the market. Other free emulators do exist and the best of these seems to be the NDS Boy.

The NDS Boy is entirely free and doesn’t even contain any in-app purchases which are usually found in free apps. Most NDS games run smoothly on the app and it has nice performance allowing for a great game experience while also offering the ability to customize the game controls.


Android users have a wide range of emulators to select from and a nice number of free NDS emulators exist on this platforms; not all of them are very good so it’s wise to read the reviews for the app before downloading it.