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Aetna Inc, which is a US health insurer, declared that they would be offering some substantial customer discounts for the smartwatch produced by Apple Inc. This is a special moment since it marks the first deal that was made between the tech giant and the insurer.

Around 23 million people in the US are using Aetna. According to a statement the company released on Tuesday, they will be giving the Apple Watch for free to almost 50,000 employees they have. This deal isn’t beneficial just for the insurance company, but also for the tech company, since it will boost the interest for their smartwatch.

Either way, Apple has been trying recently to aim for the health and fitness conscious people with their new device. On the other hand, Aetna will cut off a significant percent of the regular cost of the smartwatch, and they will also offer their users some monthly payment alternatives for the rest of the sum.

Ethan Slavin, a spokesman for Aetna, said that the discounts will vary for lots of customers. However, there was no significant reaction to the second edition of the Apple Watch that was released in the beginning of this month. According to some analysts, the device will most likely remain a niche product, far from the success Apple fans had imagined for it.

In the second quarter, Apple shipped 1.6 million Apple Watches, which is 56.7% less than last year’s numbers, according to some data from the research done by IDC. Comparatively, in the same period of time Fitbit Inc, Apple’s rival on this segment, sold 5.7 million units.

Currently, Aetna is developing some health applications for Apple devices. The new apps will remind users to order refills of their prescriptions, message/call their doctor or take their medicine. They will be based on Apple Wallet to let users pay the bills and it seems they will be available next year.