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If you want to add smart TV functionality for a less smart TV, you have been enjoying a great option from Amazon for quite a while. The Fire TV Stick proved to be a great option when it comes to adding new features to old TVs. This Wednesday the company announced that they want to release a new and improved version of the old streaming stick. But wait, there’s more! The best part is that it will keep the $40 price!

Marc Whitten, who is the vice president at the Amazon Fire TV, declared in a statement that the company is proud that their customers helped make their product the #1 streaming media player in the entire country. Apparently, the product has exceeded 120,000 reviews and it has a 4.2 star rating. He also added that they are excited to work on its improvement and that they redesigned the stick, thus offering a better performance, a more powerful voice search and the Alexa-powered remote for instant access to an incredibly large selection of TV shows games and movies, and all of this for just $40.

The new Stick includes a quadcore processor and a 802.11ac MIMO Wi-Fi feature. This combination is guaranteed to make a streamlined and faster experience from streaming. It also comes with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory, which should satisfy even the pickiest customer. Moreover, it should be enough for you to add whatever app you want to the streamer. The resolution is still 1080p, so if you want to enjoy 4K quality you should go for Fire TV, the bigger brother of the Stick.

Amazon also declared that the improved Fire TV Stick offers the best and the most accurate voice search feature, given that it’s powered by the Alexa assistant.