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We have to admit that the Windows Insider program has really been a success when it comes to making fans connect to their products. People admit their marketing skills were put to good use with the program but it seems that lately there has been some dissension spreading around.

The way in which the program itself is conceived has led to some inherent problems. Mainly there are some issues with the beta testers’ grousing. However, Microsoft could make an effort and solve some issues in other places too.

As you might already know, the Windows Insider program welcomes everyone. Naturally, lots of people flocked to sign up for it, at such a rate that at the end of 2014, the program showed 1.5 million participants. For the current date, Microsoft did not offer any information as to the current number of the people enrolled in the program.

Usually, people think that the Windows Insider program is a beta testing program for the Windows operating system. However, this is not quite right. Despite the fact that Microsoft developed during the years lots of overt and covert testing programs, this is definitely not one of them. It’s more like a large marketing effort, similar to the “open” beta that was released at the end of the developing cycle for Windows 7.

Among the main issues the program encountered we can enumerate the following:

  1. Some wrong people are enrolled, which means that not all the beta-testers are qualified.
  2. The program is too complex and few people get what’s actually going on there.
  3. There is a lot of confusion created following the mix between desktop and mobile Insider programs.
  4. The ring builds in the Release Preview are not beta builds, so they need a different name.
  5. There is a need for Release Preview ring builds for all the actual versions of Windows 10.
  6. The program does not cover widely found problems.

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