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WhatsApp is one of the most used free messaging apps on the market and it has always been somewhat surrounded by controversy. It has been accused by several political leaders that its end-to-end encryption function could be helping terrorists due to the fact that the function does not allow third parties to see a conversation between two WhatsApp users. At some point it was even shut down temporarily three times in Brazil. The last issue to surface about the app is a change in its privacy terms that allows it to share account info with Facebook.

However, it remains a popular app despite these problems and lately, it has been getting many updates and improvements and the latest news in this sense is that WhatsApp has been testing a group chat invite feature that enables the user to send shareable links.

Users can test this feature by downloading and installing the beta upgrade which also comes with many bug fixes.

The new group invite feature enables administrators to add users to a WhatsApp group by pressing a certain button found on top of the contact list that says ‘Invite to group via link’.

As soon as the admin presses the button, a unique URL will be generated that can then be shared with contacts or the general public. There are three ways to do so: as a QR code, as a physical NFC tag or as a message via a third party app. These invite links can be revoked later if the admin wants to stop other users from joining.

Another new feature that comes with the beta update is a quick forward button that enables users to share media quickly during a conversation.

If you are interested in trying out the beta update, just go to Play Store >> My Apps >> WhatsApp>> Update and that’s it.

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