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Mobile technology has changed the way we live our lives as well as how we communicate with other people. SMS technology used to be a way to send text messages to our friends and family using the mobile phone but over the years, mobile apps have been offered by app developers, including messenger apps such as WhatsApp.

This mobile app was designed as a multi-platform messenger app that is compatible with the iPhone, Blackberry, Android phones and Nokia. WhatsApp messenger allows the user to chat with anyone on the contact list with WhatsApp messenger. Moreover, one can also create a group chat and send files like audio and images. Users can also receive and make calls using this mobile app and updates are also available, such as iOs emoticons. What’s  more is that so long as there is internet connection and the app is installed on the phone, one can communicate worldwide for free even from a Windows Phone.

Nokia Windows Phone WhatsApp Download

The newer Nokia phones have Windows operating systems like the Nokia Lumia phones and WhatsApp is supported on this version. Like the Google Play Store, Nokia has a default app known as the Windows Phone Store. The first step in downloading the messenger app is searching for it in the app. Once this is done, you will have to select the proper WhatsApp messenger app from the search results. While there will be numerous icons related to the messenger app, it is best to choose the first on the list. Next, you can select download. After the WhatsApp messenger has been downloaded, you need to install it on your phone by simply clicking on “Install”.

Once the app is already on your Nokia phone, you now need to verify your phone number so you can begin to experience and enjoy the hidden WhatsApp messenger features.