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There has been a lot of talk about the new iPhone 7 from Apple which was launched on the 7th of September. The focus of the talk has been mostly about the new cameras and in particular, about the dual camera found on the iPhone 7 Plus which features a 12 MP wide-angle primary lens and a telephoto lens that is positioned right next to it.

Some people have even compared the quality of the photos taken in the portrait mode with the iPhone camera as similar to those take with a DSLR camera, but others think that the iPhone pictures don’t even come close to the color reproduction and clarity that is specific to a professional camera.

The picture taking is impressive enough for a smartphone, but that isn’t the only function that comes with the device. It’s also capable of capturing video in 4k quality. This isn’t really a new thing as the previous gen of iPhones had it as well, but the new dual camera system will definitely improve the quality of the video.

The iPhone 7 was launched 20 days ago so many people have already receive their pre-orders. And were very quick to test out their new devices. As a result, there is an abundancy of videos taken in 4k quality online and they actually showcase the best features of the camera.

There are some videos that show you how great the optical zoom feature is and some 4k video makers have said that the new iPhone 7 Plus is far more efficient when it comes to recording videos in low-light environments than the iPhone 6s.

However, some users have complained that they have encountered some issues with the audio when recording 4k video content. Most users haven’t noticed the issue so it may be something small and isolated and potential buyers should not worry about it.