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There is still on official work on an upcoming GTA 6 and fans and players are fearing that it might never happen. In fact, many were hoping that Rockstar – the company responsible for the Grand Theft Auto series – would say something about it at a Sony event which took place on the 7th of September, but they didn’t.

Rockstar has made it very clear so far that the development of a new installment in the series is not a priority for them right and they have decided to focus instead on developing the online component for the GTA 5 which has brought them millions in revenue just from microtransactions alone.

As a result, they place more emphasis on developing new content and new DLCs for GTA 5 that fans seem to enjoy immensely. Still, this hasn’t stopped people from speculating about GTA 6 and there are tons of rumors regarding what the upcoming game will be like.

Many rumors relate to where the game will actually be set. There are many suggestions in this sense. One of them is that the game will be set in Miami, and it’s the most probable one so far. There was another one that placed the game somewhere in the UK, but many fans believe that it’s very unlikely. Lastly, there was a rumor that said that the GTA 6 will be a combination of all of the game maps so far.

It is also speculated that the game might feature the first female main character in the history of the series and that she will be voiced by Eva Mendes.

Some fans are confident that the game will happen and when it does, it will come with support for the most recent platforms. This means that the upcoming GTA 6 might come with 4k support and even VR support.