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Many GTA players are anxiously awaiting the launch of the new Bikers DLC from Rockstar. The DLC’s announcement was accompanied by several screen shots that revealed many of the new aspects related to the game play.

According to Rockstar, the company responsible for the GTA game series, the Bikers DLC will be online on the 4th of October for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. They’ve also mentioned that this DLC will bring the underground Motorcycle Clubs to the forefront of the GTA criminal world.

Bikers will bring new costumes and hairstyles along with new cars and weaponry. Naturally, there will be new bike options and more importantly, there will be a Mechanic that will help players personalize their vehicles. Another important game feature is the emphasis it will pay on team related missions because it will allow bikers to form their own clubs and even lead them if they wish so. However, if a player doesn’t want the role of a leader or a President, and opts instead to be a Prospect, then the latter will have to win the respect of the former in order to move up in the ranks. There are other roles to choose from, but they are not known at this moment.

Other new gameplay aspects include the fact that players’ motorcycles will have both a defensive and an offensive function. This means that players can now clash with their bikes or use them for protection.

Lastly, Rockstar stated that they will be promoting future episodes in released games so that they could get a better idea of how players might receive that new content. In other news, there is still nothing official on the sixth installment in the game. Some fans of the series believe that the upcoming GTA 6 will come in a 4k format and that it will also come with VR support.