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We’re getting closer and closer to October and the invites are already out for the press event held by Google on the 4th next month. It seems that the successful company will announce an entire array of new devices. But what should we expect from this awesome event?

  1. Pixel and Pixel XL – These are two smartphones that wear the codenames Marlin and Sailfish and they should be released at the upcoming event. They are a step forward through which Google is challenging Apple in both hardware and software areas. Though the manufacturer is HTC, Google controlled most of the concept such as the design and the specs, so it seems that they will quit the Nexus brand.
  2. Google Home – This new device is the counterpart of Amazon Echo. It includes a Bluetooth speaker and a microphone and it is in fact a smart-home device. With it you can play music, set the Nest thermostat or find out the weather forecast. Many people are excited about finding out more about this new device.
  3. Google Chromecast Ultra – All evidence points to the fact that Google plans to launch a 4K Chromecast device that will be named Chromecast Ultra. There has even been a leaked image of how the device is supposed to look like, and rumor has it that it will cost $69.
  4. Google Wi-Fi Router – Android Authority leaked some information that hints to the fact that the company might release a Wi-Fi mesh device such as Luma or Eero.
  5. Daydream VR – Finally, we should be getting more information on the Google Daydream VR headset. This was announced for the first time at the I/O event last spring and it resembles the Oculus. It is matched with a smart controller and a smartphone and it’s in fact a platform for mobile virtual reality.