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The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were released on the 7th of September and people have already received their pre-orders. Some users appear to be completely thrilled about the iPhone 7 Plus camera which they’ve compared to a DSLR camera. Here is a comparison between the dual camera found on iPhone 7 Plus and a DSLR one.

To begin with, the iPhone 7 Plus features a 12 MP camera along with a 56 mm telephoto camera that is placed right beside it. The user can switch between these cameras and the telephoto lens offers 2x optical zoom, as opposed to the other camera.

Then there is the Portrait Mode, which is a feature that will come with the iOS 10.1 update. This mode enables a user to take a photo by using a wide angle lens as the primary lens while integrating data from the telephoto camera lens. This will keep the subject in focus while the background will be blurred. A photo taken in this mode will resemble images taken with DSLR cameras.

However, professional photographers have stated that there is no real comparison between a picture taken in portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus and one taken by a DSLR camera. The latter has far more functionality in terms of camera clarity and color reproduction and no phone camera that has been launched so far can really match it.

Some users have even posted pictures of the same subject, taken from similar angles but with two different cameras: the one on the iPhone 7 Plus and a DSLR and while the first image comes close to the second one, the difference between colors, texture and clarity are very obvious and one clearly gears towards the second one as the better one among the two.

So it seems like Apple is on the right path to smartphone camera perfection. But it may take a while until it gets there.

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