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Clash Royale – a very popular tower defense game – has proven to be pretty difficult especially when it comes to players finding tournaments. While this problem was fixed initially by several updates, it appears that the most recent update made to the game has made things worse and it’s now harder than ever before.

After a series of updates, players were able to find tournaments just by continuously pressing the search button and now, after the latest update which rolled out on the 24th of September, this trick no longer works.

This has led players to search for a different way to do this, and they’ve found it. This is what players in search of Clash Royale Tournaments need to do: open the Clash Royale game >> Tournament >> Custom. This will reveal a list of tournaments that either contain the player or the player’s teammates. This will automatically connect them to the tournament without needing any password. And the Search button becomes available as well.

If players want to search for a particular tournament they can key in a letter and there will be more results available for them but those will most certainly require passwords. At that point, players can also search for open slots to participate in.

Clash Royale players can join tournaments whenever they want to and they can use the aforementioned trick to find a certain opponent and to try out a new deck.

But hopefully, players won’t have to try different tricks to join a Tournament and that Supercell – the company responsible for Clash Royale – will release an update that will make it easier for them to look for tournaments once again. Supercell has proven to be very open to players’ suggestions and complaints and they will probably fix the problem in one way or another as soon as possible.