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If you’re a regular WhatsApp user, careful with the messages you receive and especially the hoaxes and scams. There have been lots of them going around lately and many people think they are true. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular hoaxes:

  1. WhatsApp will be ending at 6 PM. Regardless of what time it is now, the message the circulates on WhatsApp says that at 6 PM the service will end and that you have to pay if you want to open it. Moreover, it states that the company’s servers have been extremely congested lately, so that active users have to forward the message to all their contacts, otherwise you will start being charged. This doesn’t make any sense, since supposedly sending messages to all the people in everybody’s list would congest the servers even more, if it were true. Also, the company would release an official statement if it were to start charging users.
  2. WhatsApp virus. This message will not come through WhatsApp, but through your email. It is found on iPhone or Android phones and it says that you missed a WhatsApp call or that you have a voice message and it tells you to click a link in order to see it. Do not click on it! The link will only download a virus to your device. Plus, the company would only contact its users through their app, not email.

There are many variations to these messages, but with a little bit of precaution and attention, you should be fine. Moreover, double check everything that you receive. Google is your friend, so if you receive a message signed by the supposed CEO of WhatsApp, do Google the name and you will see that most of the time it’s a made-up name.