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WhatsApp messenger is a mobile app that has instantly gained popularity among mobile phone users. A cross-platform messenger app, this can be used for iPhones, Windows Phones as well as Android phones, including most Samsung models.

Aside from the different versions of WhatsApp for a variety of OS versions, there are also updates available for the app and is free for the first year. Today, there are already more than a billion people using WhatsApp messenger.

One major requirement for downloading and enjoying Whatsapp messenger, aside from the need for internet connection, is to have enough free memory space to download the app. And in the case of the Samsung Galaxy series, it is easy, convenient and secure to have WhatsApp messenger. This is because Samsung Galaxy models like the G5 which is powered by Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. Moreover, it is also ugradable to a higher version, Lollipop 5.0 and has a large internal memory of 16 or 32GB. It also has 2GB RAM for faster connection.

Free WhatsApp Download for Samsung

With the default Kitkat OS installed, it is easy and fast to download and install WhatsApp messenger.  First, go to Google Play Store to begin the process. Next, type the words “WhatsApp messenger” on the search tab. You will then have to select WhatsApp messenger among the WhatsApp-related mobile applications on the search results. This is the one with the green icon and a white image of a phone on the foreground of the green icon.  After the selection, you can now choose “Install” and WhatsApp messenger will automatically be downloaded and installed. After this is done, you can now open WhatsApp messenger. To complete the installation process, you also need to verify your phone number. It is also important that you know your mobile number and it should be on the default sim on the phone you want to install WhatsApp on.

With the popularity of this messenger app, other download versions are also available for Samsung devices, such as the WhatsApp APK version. It can also be downloaded from the computer and transferred to the phone via USB connection.