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Several newer generation Nexus devices are in the process of upgrading to Android 7.0 Nougat and, at the same time, many smartphone manufacturers are working on bringing the OS to their devices. The thing is that manufactures need to tailor the new operating system to their Android – based devices and that may take a while.

At the same time, carriers also have to make some tweaks to the Android Nougat platform so they can insert specific functions into that update so this is why it usually takes some time before a brand new OS rolls out on certain devices.

One of those manufacturers that is working very hard on bringing the update to their devices is OnePlus – a very popular company based in China that manufactures the OnePlus smartphone lineup.

OnePlus representatives have stated that they are actively working on the Android 7.0 Nougat update for the OnePlus 3, but they offered no precise date for the actual release. However, users seem to be pleased with what OnePlus is doing so far for this particular device as they have released numerous community builds for it that come with new features, improvements and many bugs fixes.

Some users have even suggested that OnePlus might try to upgrade the OnePlus 3 directly to the updated version of A. Nougat which is the 7.1 version.

At the same time OnePlus is also working on releasing the Android Marshmallow update to an older generation device, the OnePlus X. Android Marshmallow is the OS that precedes Android Nougat and it will presumably roll out on the OnePlus X sometime next week. OnePlus representatives have also stated that they will not upgrade the OnePlus X to A. Nougat because of the device’s processor – a Snapdragon 801 – which is not compatible with certain features of the OS.

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