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In January 2015, Nokia released a basic, 2G phone that caters to users looking for an affordable, durable phone that can make calls and send texts as well as connect to the internet. This is the Nokia 215 model that is offered in single and dual SIM models.

Nokia 215 dual SIM comes in several colors like black, white, blue and green. It also boasts of a rear camera, although only at 0.3 megapixels, FM radio, alarm clock and Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, it has pre-installed Opera Mini that speeds up browsing and minimizes the web pages to 90%. This and other features speak of the goal of Microsoft to come up with a low-end phone with basic yet smartphone –like features. This is the perfect choice for mobile users looking for a second phone and those buying a mobile phone for the first time.

Interesting Features

As a 2G mobile phone, Nokia 215 also comes with Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Bing Search and the Lumia Bright green color scheme. It also has microSD support of up to 32GB as stated earlier. The LCD display is QVGA at 320 x 240 pixels. Standby time on the dual SIM model can last up to 21 days while the single SIM model can last up to 29 days. It is also available in Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Europe but not in North America.

WhatsApp Support

Despite the smartphone characteristics of Nokia 215, it does not have WhatsApp support. This is somehow disappointing and surprising why WhatsApp support was not made available for this phone model since it is one of the most popular ways people prefer to connect with friends and family. Considering that Nokia 215 is internet-ready and also has Facebook Messenger. If only a WhatsApp download is possible, user can have a choice and people who do not have Facebook accounts to be able to enjoy a messenger app.

WhatsApp messenger has over a billion users and the number continues to grow. This multi-platform messenger app is available on iPhones, Android phones, Windows Phones, Blackberry and Java phones. It allows people to communicate via text messaging and calls. Moreover, group chat is available as well as file-sharing, such as images and audio files.